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The keys for clarity, momentum, & alignment to create your boldest year yet.


The coaching immersion to unlock your voice, clarify your vision, and amplify your influence. Step into your leadership through excellent communication skills, build a community around your work through magnetic voice, and elevate your personal power through conviction & confidence in your word. 

Includes (at least) 5 x 90 min training + coaching sessions led by Shoshanna

A new global network of powerhouse, way-paving leaders!

Lifetime access to the replays!

Module Themes:

  • Engaging and growing audience through magnetic copy & video:
    • How we 3xed our audience organically & 4-10xed our revenue with a "small following"
  • Sold out via social:
      • Captivating story & messaging action to convert: consistent multiple 6 figure months organically w/out sales calls or pain point marketing 
  • Team Leadership:
    • Leadership excellence, brave communication, magical company culture, & high retention
  • Standout branding, mindset, & embodiment of your 7 figure voice: 
    • Clarity, conviction & confidence that attracts & amplifies your mission


  • a secret surprise module:
    • Connecting personal power & feminine energy into VOICE 


  • Bonus laser coaching sessions


Your year with Living Brave!


One year.

Every Living Brave program.

Endless expansion.

Worthy Wealthy Woman

2-day masterclass experience for the woman ready to become a millionaire from the inside out!

LIFETIME access to the replays!

Quantum Wealth

THE money program 

Immersive coaching experience to accelerate your financial liberation journey

Lifetime access to recordings

For the Worthy Wealthy Woman ready to claim her path to financial liberation


Master the art of selling out ANY program in an intensive training & coaching journey with Living Brave

Momentum of launching.. collapsing time to bigger #s

Waitlists, early birds, pre launches, & sales after kick offs

Selling out all types of programs: program vs Mastermind, rolling, close open cart, multiple offers at once

Masterclass mastery: creating visibility energy excitement conversion w ease (breaking old bs webinar rules)

Staying chill & regulated during a launch (how and why I launch on vacation - emotional alchemy & time management)

Fck launch mode, let’s talk launch seasons that create long term growth & sustainability

& more

+ daily laser coaching with Shosh

4-6  transmissions over 1 week

The Chill Rocketship

manifesting abundance & quantum leaps by mastering the art of quantum relaxation & feminine embodiment 

Femme Rising

6 weeks to slay shame & fear, activate your self leadership & drip in gold confidence so you can elevate your unshakable personal power & start playing BIG.

Becoming Brave 2022

A high level mentoring immersion to slay shame, alchemize fear, step into radical self expression & personal power so you can take action to align & manifest momentum in wealth, love & biz.

Jedi Ninja

A high power 1-week Living Brave Immersion to uplevel your relating & mentoring skills to shift outcomes effortlessly in your favor


How I built a $3 million business organically from ZERO in less than 2.5 years doing the opposite of what mainstream coaches tell you to do, relaxed AF traveling the world & only working when and on what I want to.

2 hour replay!

Dripping in Gold

The masterclass to radiate with delicious oooooey gooey irresistible confidence

Storytelling Mastery 2022

THE immersion to learn the art of empowered feminine marketing that captivated an audience, so you can ditch pain points, attract & compel dream clients to become lifelong champions of your movement.


Set yourself up for a quantum leap in revenue into 2023 & revolutionize your sales, from energetics to next level INNOVATIVE strategy that lets you finally DROP outdated old school approaches & creates an easeful client led YES with simplicity and heart.

FEMME SALES = 5 module program PLUS the entire CA$H OUT immersion

CASH OUT = self-paced immersion to master the art of new paradigm sales & quantum leaps in revenue

Bonus 11 hours of content + lifetime access to the replays

Topics include attracting pay in full high-level clients, easeful sales flow for each stage of the business journey, sales in the DMs (how to sell high ticket w/o sales calls or sales pages), the energetics of wealth creation, magnetic messaging that overcomes every objection and converts... & more. 

THE EVOLUTION II: Behind Closed Doors

What it really took to triple an already 7-figure business...what the industry leaders struggle with and discuss behind-the-scenes...and the secret keys to take your vision to the moon...

A 2 hour 22 minute masterclass with Shoshanna Raven!

Fempire Biz Bundle

The Fempire Biz Bundle - Femme Sales/Ca$h Out + Femme Rising!

Femme Sales/Ca$h Out: Set yourself up for a quantum leap in revenue into 2023 & revolutionize your sales, from energetics to next level INNOVATIVE strategy that lets you finally DROP outdated old school approaches & creates an easeful client led YES with simplicity and heart. Includes 10+ hours of Ca$h Out trainings!

Femme Rising: The program to unleash & aliven your dripping in gold feminine essence to magnetize & manifest magic in your wealth, romance, and business


Master the inner game, empower your masculine/feminine energies to take aligned action & create effortless overflow in business & love


MONEY. MEN. POWER. PLEASURE. A Living Brave LIVE experience! 

Shoshanna Raven is a holistic lifestyle, business, leadership, and love coach for heart-led visionaries and female entrepreneurs. Specifically, she works with personal brands & community-centric businesses, helping them take off & scale to global impact. As a shame slayer, Shoshanna speaks openly about taboos - sex money power - to liberate the TRUTH.

Rapture & Riches: Money, Men, Power, Pleasure & Beyond!

Rapture & Riches: Money, Men, Power, Pleasure & Beyond! Make joy your baseline, access your ecstasy & get what you want with men and money through mastering the art of play, pleasure & power.

*An entire month* of daily truth bombs (weekdays!) on Telegram, weekly Q+A, lifetime access.

Sneak peek into some potential topics…

  • Riding the Ecstatic State: Climax & Come Down
  • Feminine Pleasure Archetypes in Action (The Sex Kitten, the Little Girl the Abundance Queen, The Bossy B*tch) Practices/Guides
  • Exactly How to Turn "No" into "Yes" and Play with Resistance
  • Active his Masculine & Get What you Want Through the Art of the Ask
  • The Juice In Absurdity
  • Revolutionizing Your Relationship to Responsibility
  • Alchemizing your Anxiety into the Pleasure & Blissful Longing
  • Releasing Rage via Things Unsaid
  • FALL IN LOVE with Oral Sex
  • Get Turned on by Compliant with Clarity in What You Want
  • Sexy Sales & Magnetizing Money via Seduction, Power & Pleasure
  • Social Media your Own Fcking Way
  • Power in the Pause // Feminine Money Making is No Different than Sex
  • The Forgiveness High
  • Sub/Dom Play in Your Relationship with Men & Money: frameworks, practices & playtime
  • Spiritual Maturity: Next Level Standards, Code & Boundaries with Money & Men

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visionary 2.0

2 hour + masterclass that will teach you leadership, energetics & strategy to rocket ship into your most abundant year yet - particularly around BUSINESS clarity, momentum and direction for heart led entrepreneurs who are seeking BIG growth this year and want to skyrocket without self sabotage or stalling. This is some of my most powerful leadership training for scaling. GOLD!

BONUS live training + Q&A call with Shoshanna on Sunday Jan 29th at 4PM MST.

Priceless community connection & networking opportunity with the shame slaying legends of Living Brave. 


The coaching immersion to slay in heart-led business with stand-out organic marketing, put social media to work for you, build a die-hard community, gain powerful communication tools & create a unique CULTURE around your movement.

~8+hours of  clarity & inspiration

Module themes….

Engaging & growing audience thru magnetic copy & video: [How we 3xed our audience organically & 4-10x revenue with a “small following”]

Sold out via social: captivating story & messaging, action to convert [consistent multiples 6 figure months organically w/o sales calls, pain point marketing]

Team leadership: leadership excellence, brave communication, magical company culture, high retention

Standout branding, mindset & embodiment of your 7+ figure voice: clarity, conviction & confidence that attracts & amplifies your mission…

+ secret surprise module.. connecting personal power & feminine energy into VOICE

+ bonus laser coaching session with Shoshanna!

This. Is. Going. To. Be. 🔥

Money March

It’s time to step up your sales game and create cash MOMENTUM for the year!!!!!!!

It’s up to you to decide how the rest of 2023 goes for you! The actions you take this month will reverberate through the end of the year. Forget the rocketship, we’re gonna need a spacecraft for this one!


$30 buy in for 30 days. 

  • Sell EVERY single day (guidelines will be given inside the Telegram group)

  • The more days you sell the more prizes you'll get


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